Our Philosophy



Judy Cook

“The ‘typical’ property management business model never made sense to me. How can a property manager tie the value of leasing and management services to the rental rate on the property? Does that mean we should be doing less for the $1,000/month rental home, than we do for the one renting for $2,000/month? I think our owner/clients expect and deserve the same high level of service, regardless of the monthly rent generated by their rental home.”


After having spent over 30 years in the property management industry, both managing residential and commercial properties, as well as training other property managers, I’ve come to realize, there is a significant disconnect between what the owner/client wants, and what the typical property management business model offers.

  • Most property management businesses focus on volume. They take on anything and everything – multifamily, single family, commercial, and residential. The more properties in their portfolio, the happier they are, and the more money they make. There’s just one very big problem with this approach. High volume results in low service. The property manager might be making great money, but who is really paying the price? Instead of anticipating and planning for challenges in landlord/tenant matters, maintenance, and the like, these managers are reacting to “emergencies” that arise on a daily basis. This is the opposite of the way Truckee Meadows Property Management approaches management of your investment property.
  • We’re small, and we intend to remain small. It is the only way we can truly deliver the quality of services our clients have come to expect. Where many property managers will proudly tell you they handle hundreds of rental properties, we’ll never be able to say that – nor do we want to say that. A small, highly-focused business model is what we offer. We know our owner/clients and their goals; we know our tenants and their expectations. And, regardless of the rental rate a property might bring, our monthly rate is the same – the service we provide is the same. After all, it’s what our clients have every right to expect.
  • Now you won’t ever hear your property manager tell you she’s selling your tenants a house!  Truckee Meadows Property Management only manages property, and we are experts at it. Although licensed to do so, we do not sell real estate. With our sole focus on providing the highest-quality property management services available in the Reno-Sparks area, we avoid the all-too-common conflicts of interest inherent in selling the properties we manage, or representing tenants who want to buy. We can provide you with a list of competent listing/selling agents, should you so desire.
  • Now you can work with a property manager who really knows what it takes to protect your interests!  Truckee Meadows Property Management manages residential rental property only. We do not dabble in management of retail, office, or industrial properties. We focus on management of rental homes in SparksSpanish Springs, Wingfield Springs, Caughlin Ranch, Double Diamond, and newer homes located within five miles of McCarran Boulevard, in both Reno and Sparks. By limiting our portfolio to residential property, and focusing our efforts on a specific geographical territory, we are able to employ systems and procedures that allow us to do our job cost-effectively, saving our clients money, while assuring consistency and value for the dollar spent.
  • Now, you can work with a property management company that actually fulfills its promises.  It’s all too easy for property management companies to make all kinds of promises, and it’s an entirely different story when it comes to living up to those promises. Truckee Meadows Property Management is the exception. We keep the promises we make. Every promise we make in marketing our services is clearly stated in our Property Management Agreement. You can hold us to those promises. We expect you to do just that!


By focusing our efforts on a select geographical location, performing only property management activity, and managing only single family homes, Truckee Meadows Property Management is well-positioned to follow through on its promises to our clients, each and every time. We’re focused. We’re dedicated. We’re results-oriented.  Please contact us today to discuss management of your Reno/Sparks rental property.



Truckee Meadows Property Management does business in accordance with both federal and state Fair Housing Laws, and principles of equal opportunity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, gender, family status, disability, source of income, marital status, sexual orientation, or gender identity/expression.