Turn-Key Property Management


One of the first questions a new owner client will typically ask us is, “What is a turn-key property management option? What will that look like, in practice?”

Our property management services are bundled to provide a “full service” approach to managing your single-family residential rental property (SFR). The program is designed specifically for the investment-minded property owner who understands the value of professional guidance in managing what is often his or her largest single investment.

Our clients have neither the time nor the desire to become expert property managers, nor do they have extensive knowledge of Nevada Landlord-Tenant law, state and federal fair housing laws, disclosure requirements, tenant screening practices, rent collection, maintenance coordination, and lease administration – all of which are required for successful management of residential property in Nevada.

When you contract with us to manage your SFR, you’re contracting with the best. Our company is well-respected in this industry by owner-investors, renters, and our peers. There’s a good reason for that. Our broker, Judy Cook, has decades of experience managing rental property for others, as well as teaching the business to other managers across the country.

As your property managers, Truckee Meadows Property Management will handle ordering and scheduling routine maintenance and repairs. If something needs repair, we’ll get it done without hesitation. Proper maintenance of your SFR is not optional. Neglected properties give rise to the horror stories we’ve all heard, about bad tenants! By attending to maintenance issues as they arise, we communicate the importance of proper care of the rental home, and the renters understand the same is expected of them. This environment of care typically results in long-term, reliable tenants. (Of course, if a repair is caused by tenant damage or misuse, we will bill the tenant for the cost.) Major repairs/replacements not requiring immediate attention will be bid out to at least 2 contractors, and discussed with you, prior to ordering the work.

Speaking of good tenants… we’ll select them for you, based on our objective screening criteria. When it comes to whether or not to allow a pet, you make the final decision. We’ll document the property’s condition at move-in, administer the lease throughout the tenancy, conduct periodic inspections, and manage the move-out process when the time comes.

You’ll hear from us monthly, when we make your ‘owner draw’ deposit to your bank, and send you a month-end operating statement. We’ll also contact you to give you a ‘heads up,’ if there are any upcoming move outs, or other forseeable events that may interrupt your cash flow on the SFR. Additionally, you’ll have 24/7 access to your Owner Portal containing property documents, paid invoices, and both current and historial financial information on the property.


To summarize, we manage your SFR with both care and expertise, and always with your best interests in mind. 


Please be sure to visit our Owners’ FAQ page for answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions of our new owner-clients.